Full Guide to Norris Hot Springs

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After visiting the amazing Hrunalaug hot springs in Iceland, it is time to cross the ocean toward the US.


Nestled in Montana’s rugged Rockies, and surrounded by stunning nature, Norris Hot Springs is a secluded paradise – perfect for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Whether you’re traveling solo or with someone special, this remote oasis offers a tranquil respite from your hectic routine.


From taking a relaxing soak in one of its three natural geothermal springs to exploring its array of trails and other outdoor activities, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to Norris Hot Springs!


With its healing waters, intuitive energy, fresh mountain air, and breathtaking scenery – visiting this haven just might be one of the best decisions you make all year…

Norris Hot Springs
Natural surroundings of the Norris Hot Spring (you can also soak here).

The Natural Wonders of Norris Hot Springs

Norris Hot Springs is a true natural wonder that offers a unique experience for visitors seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and a connection with the Earth’s powerful geological forces.


Located in southwestern Montana, this geothermal marvel has been a source of fascination and healing for centuries.


The formation of Norris Hot Springs is a result of the region’s unique geology. The area is located near the intersection of two major fault lines, which has led to the creation of a complex network of fractures in the Earth’s crust. As water seeps into these fractures, it comes into contact with hot rocks deep beneath the surface. The heat from these rocks causes the water to become superheated and rise back to the surface, creating the hot springs we see today. Read our other blog post to know what do hot springs smell like.


These geothermal features are not only fascinating from a scientific perspective, but they also hold significant geological importance.


Norris Hot Springs sits within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the world’s most geologically active regions. Studying the hot springs can provide valuable insights into the processes occurring beneath the Earth’s surface and help us better understand the dynamics of geothermal systems.

Norris Hot Springs
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Experiencing Relaxation and Wellness

Norris Hot Springs is a natural oasis that offers visitors the chance to unwind, rejuvenate, and experience the healing power of its geothermal waters.


With a range of amenities and services designed to enhance your visit, this tranquil retreat promises a truly unforgettable experience.


The Amenities and Services of Norris Hot Springs

Norris Hot Springs takes the relaxation and wellness experience to another level by providing an array of amenities and services to ensure that your visit is both comfortable and enjoyable.


Some of the key offerings include:

  • Soaking Pools: The centerpiece of Norris Hot Springs is its series of natural soaking pools, ranging in temperature to suit individual preferences. These pools are meticulously maintained to provide a clean and refreshing environment for guests to enjoy the healing waters.


  • Changing Rooms and Showers: For the convenience of visitors, Norris Hot Springs offers well-maintained changing rooms and showers, allowing you to freshen up before or after your soak.


  • Lounge Areas: To further enhance your relaxation experience, Norris Hot Springs provides comfortable lounge areas where you can rest, read, or simply take in the stunning natural surroundings.


  • Café and Snack Bar: To satisfy your hunger and thirst, Norris Hot Springs features a café and snack bar offering a variety of refreshments, including healthy snacks, beverages, and light meals made with locally-sourced ingredients.


  • Massage Therapy: For those seeking additional pampering, Norris Hot Springs offers massage therapy services to help soothe tired muscles and promote overall relaxation.


  • Events and Workshops: Throughout the year, Norris Hot Springs hosts a variety of events and workshops aimed at promoting wellness, personal growth, and a connection to the natural world.
Live music at the Norris Hot Springs
Live music at the Norris Hot Springs

Health Benefits of Soaking in Norris Hot Springs

Soaking in the geothermal waters of Norris Hot Springs is not only a delightful experience, but it may also provide several health benefits.


These benefits are attributed to the mineral-rich composition of the water and the soothing warmth it provides.


Some potential health benefits include:

  • Stress Relief: Immersing yourself in the warm waters of Norris Hot Springs can help to melt away stress, leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated.


  • Pain Management: The heat and buoyancy of the water can provide temporary relief from aches and pains, particularly those associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions.


  • Improved Skin Health: The high mineral content in the water may help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, potentially improving conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.


  • Detoxification: As your body temperature rises during a soak, it may help to stimulate the sweating process, which can aid in the removal of toxins and impurities from the body.


  • Enhanced Circulation: The heat from the water can cause blood vessels to dilate, promoting better circulation and potentially providing relief for those with poor circulation or cold extremities.


It’s important to note that while many people find relief and relaxation from visiting hot springs, the potential benefits can vary depending on individual factors and health conditions.

Norris Hot Springs

Norris Hot Springs: A Cultural Retreat

Norris Hot Springs also serves as a cultural retreat that has attracted visitors for centuries.


With a rich history and a strong sense of community, Norris Hot Springs is a place where people can come together to celebrate, learn, and connect.


Tracing the Heritage of Norris Hot Springs

The story of Norris Hot Springs began thousands of years ago when indigenous tribes discovered the healing powers of its geothermal waters.


These tribes, including the Shoshone, Bannock, and Blackfeet, used the hot springs as a sacred place for healing rituals and ceremonies.


In the 19th century, European settlers arrived in the area and quickly recognized the value of the hot springs.


In 1865, a man named Philetus W. Norris settled nearby, and the springs eventually took his name. Norris, who later became the second superintendent of Yellowstone National Park, played a significant role in promoting the region’s geothermal wonders.


Norris Hot Springs as a Social and Cultural Hub

Today, Norris Hot Springs continues to serve as a social and cultural hub for both locals and visitors alike.


The site hosts a variety of events and activities designed to foster a sense of community and create lasting memories.


Some of the key offerings include:

  • Live Music: Norris Hot Springs regularly features live music performances, showcasing local talent and providing a unique and intimate setting for enjoying music under the stars.


  • Art Exhibitions: Local artists are often invited to display their work at Norris Hot Springs, allowing visitors to appreciate the creativity and talent of the region’s artistic community.


  • Workshops and Classes: Throughout the year, Norris Hot Springs hosts workshops and classes on topics such as yoga, meditation, and wellness, providing opportunities for personal growth and learning.


  • Community Events: Seasonal celebrations, fundraisers, and other community events are frequently held at Norris Hot Springs, fostering a strong sense of togetherness and camaraderie among attendees.


  • Environmental Stewardship: Norris Hot Springs is committed to preserving its natural surroundings and promoting environmental awareness. The site engages in sustainable practices and offers educational opportunities to help visitors learn about the importance of protecting our environment.
Refurbishing the hot spring in 2004
Refurbishing the hot spring in 2004

Exploring the Surrounding Attractions

While Norris Hot Springs is a destination in itself, the surrounding region offers a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor adventures for visitors to explore.


From the stunning landscapes of Gallatin National Forest to the world-renowned Yellowstone National Park, there’s no shortage of attractions to discover.


Discovering the Beauty of Gallatin National Forest

Encompassing over 1.8 million acres, this expansive forest is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, as well as numerous recreational opportunities.


Some popular activities in Gallatin National Forest include:

  • Hiking: With over 2,000 miles of trails, Gallatin National Forest offers something for hikers of all skill levels. From strolls through lush meadows to challenging treks up mountain peaks, you’re sure to find a trail that suits your abilities and interests.


  • Wildlife Viewing: The forest is home to an array of wildlife species, including elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep, and grizzly bears. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready, as you never know what you might encounter!


  • Fishing: Anglers can try their luck at catching trout, whitefish, and other species in the numerous streams, rivers, and lakes scattered throughout the forest.


  • Camping: With dozens of campgrounds and dispersed camping options, Gallatin National Forest offers a variety of settings for a memorable overnight experience under the stars.
Gallatin National Forest
Gallatin National Forest

Exploring Yellowstone National Park and Nearby Towns

Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park, is a must-visit attraction for anyone in the vicinity of Norris Hot Springs. Known for its geothermal features, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes, Yellowstone offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.


Some highlights of the park include:

  • Old Faithful: One of the most famous geysers in the world, Old Faithful is renowned for its predictable eruptions, which occur approximately every 90 minutes.


  • Grand Prismatic Spring: This stunning hot spring is the largest in the United States and is known for its vibrant, rainbow-colored waters.


  • Lamar Valley: Often referred to as “America’s Serengeti,” this area of the park is a prime location for wildlife viewing, particularly bison, elk, and wolves.


  • Yellowstone Grand Canyon: This dramatic, 20-mile-long canyon offers spectacular views of waterfalls, colorful rock formations, and the Yellowstone River.


In addition to these natural attractions, the region surrounding Norris Hot Springs is home to several charming towns that can serve as gateways to your outdoor adventures.


Towns such as Bozeman, West Yellowstone, and Gardiner offer a range of accommodations, dining options, and access to local attractions and activities.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

Where to Stay?

Book accommodations: Depending on the length of your stay and your preferences, you may choose to camp near Norris Hot Springs or book accommodations in nearby towns such as Bozeman, West Yellowstone, or Gardiner.

Here are some accommodations near Norris Hot Springs:

  • The Sportsman’s Lodge: Located in Ennis, Montana, this lodge offers comfortable rooms and a variety of amenities.



  • Jeffers Inn: A charming bed and breakfast located in Ennis, Montana, offering a cozy atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.


  • Fan Mountain Inn: Located in the town of Ennis, Montana, this inn provides clean and comfortable rooms for guests.
Jeffers Inn
Jeffers Inn

Planning Your Visit to Norris Hot Springs

To ensure that your trip is as memorable as possible, it’s essential to plan and make the most of your time at this unique destination. In this article, we will provide some tips for planning your visit and offer an insider’s guide to making the most of your time at Norris Hot Springs.

  • Check the weather: Montana’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to check the forecast before your trip and pack appropriate clothing. Layers are always a good idea, as temperatures can vary significantly between day and night.


  • Plan your activities: In addition to soaking in the hot springs, consider exploring the surrounding attractions, such as Gallatin National Forest and Yellowstone National Park. Research the various activities available in these areas and create a rough itinerary to ensure you make the most of your time.


  • Pack essentials: Don’t forget to pack essentials such as swimwear, towels, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a reusable water bottle. Consider bringing a camera to capture the stunning scenery and any wildlife encounters.


  • Visit during off-peak hours: To avoid crowds and enjoy a more serene experience, consider visiting Norris Hot Springs during off-peak hours, such as early mornings or weekdays.
Norris Hot Spring in the 1960s.
Norris Hot Spring in the 1960s.

Insider’s Guide

  • Take advantage of the amenities: Norris Hot Springs offers a range of amenities to enhance your visit, including changing rooms, showers, lounge areas, and a café. Be sure to utilize these facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


  • Attend events and workshops: Keep an eye out for events and workshops hosted at Norris Hot Springs, such as live music performances, art exhibitions, and wellness classes. These activities can add an extra dimension to your visit and provide unique opportunities for learning and personal growth.


  • Respect the environment: Norris Hot Springs is committed to preserving its natural surroundings and promoting environmental awareness. Be sure to follow posted guidelines, such as staying on designated paths and disposing of trash properly, to help protect this beautiful destination for future generations.


  • Engage with the local community: Take the time to chat with fellow visitors and locals to gain insights into the area’s history, culture, and hidden gems. This can enrich your experience and help you create lasting connections during your visit.


  • Allow time for relaxation: While it’s tempting to pack your schedule with activities, don’t forget to set aside some time for relaxation. Allow yourself to truly unwind and soak in the healing waters of Norris Hot Springs, letting the stress and tension of everyday life melt away.

Yellowstone Park


In conclusion, Norris Hot Springs truly embodies the essence of an oasis, providing a serene sanctuary where nature, relaxation, and culture converge.


The dedication of owner Holly Heinzmann to sustainability and environmental preservation has created a unique experience that leaves visitors feeling refreshed and connected with the natural world.


As people soak in the therapeutic waters of the geothermal pool, enjoy fresh organic produce from the gardens, and take part in the vibrant live music events, they are immersed in a harmonious environment that promotes well-being and fosters a sense of community.


Norris Hot Springs stands as a testament to the power of sustainable practices, proving that it is possible to offer a luxurious and enjoyable experience while remaining respectful of the planet.


It serves as an inspiring example for other businesses and individuals seeking to strike a balance between modern comforts and ecological responsibility.


For those who visit this remarkable oasis, the experience of Norris Hot Springs will linger in their memories long after they depart, beckoning them to return and once again find solace in its soothing embrace.




Who is the owner of Norris hot springs?

Holly Heinzmann is the proud owner of Norris Hot Springs, a natural therapeutic hot spring located in Montana. With a passion for sustainability and preserving the environment, Holly has worked diligently to create a unique and eco-friendly experience for visitors.

Under her leadership, Norris Hot Springs has become a popular destination for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and a connection with nature. Holly’s dedication to providing an unparalleled experience for guests is evident in the various amenities offered at Norris Hot Springs, such as their geothermal pool, organic gardens, and live music events.

Holly Heinzmann’s commitment to the environment and her community has made Norris Hot Springs a beloved retreat for locals and travelers alike.


Can you swim in hot springs Montana?

Yes, there are several hot springs in Montana where you can swim or soak, including Norris Hot Springs. Each hot spring location has its own rules and regulations, so it’s essential to follow posted guidelines and respect the environment while enjoying the geothermal waters.


Can you go to the hot springs in Yellowstone?

Most hot springs in Yellowstone National Park are not safe for swimming or soaking due to extremely high temperatures and fragile ecosystems. However, there is one exception: the Boiling River, located near the park’s North Entrance, where visitors can safely soak in the warm water. It’s crucial to follow posted guidelines and respect the park’s rules when visiting any geothermal features in Yellowstone.


Does Montana have any hot springs?

Yes, Montana is home to numerous hot springs, thanks to the state’s unique geology and proximity to Yellowstone National Park’s geothermal system. Some popular hot springs destinations in Montana include Norris Hot Springs, Chico Hot Springs, and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. These hot springs offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of geothermal waters while taking in the beautiful natural surroundings.

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