Who are we?

Hi! We’re Laura and Alexander – full time Belgian travellers and the creators of this website: Lost Between Oceans. 


We’re both ambitious individuals that had a burning desire to travel the world in our van! 


We have now been on the road for over 2 years and we haven’t regretted our decision ever since! 

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.

travelling in Thailand

Who's Alexander?

Hi, you can just call me Lex! 

After an internship in the EU parliament, I started climbing the corporate ladder in the Belgium governments (yeah we have a lot of governments… a complicated story, I’ll save the details). 

As much as I enjoyed my job, my desire to travel and explore the world was much bigger and I always knew deep down that I would drop everything to pursue a life of travel when I could.

Besides from travel, my biggest hobby is diving. I’ve been diving since I was sixteen and never regretted it! I am intrigued by nature above as much as below the sea. 


There are only 2 things I can’t live without: Netflix and Crisps. The perfect combination that makes every country feel at home.  

Who's Laura?

Hi, I’m Laura. 

My life as a traveller started when I was born. My parents lived in Peru when I was born, afterwards, we lived in Brazil and in Kenya before I came back to Belgium to study International Business and while managing a wholesale flower company at the same time. 

Being back in Belgium, made me realise that I wanted to continue exploring more of the world. The entrepreneur in me was trying to puzzle out the whole time, how I could create a life where I could combine my passion for travel and managing a business together. 

There is only one thing I can’t live without (and this is where my Belgian roots come back into the picture) chocolate! 

How We Afford A Life Of Travel

Before the first year of our travels, we saved enough money to sustain ourselves for a whole year. We decided to start our blog at the same time we left. We gave ourselves one year to generate an income from our blogging and content creation. 


That being said, we afford a life of travel today through our blog and content creation. 


On our blog, you have probably noticed we have advertisements and affiliate links (for products we truly stand behind) where we get paid a commission. Often, we will try to make sure that you also get a discount along the way, a win-win! 

Laura and Alexander in Italy

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