Cenote Zacil Ha: Full Visitor’s Guide (2023)

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Welcome to Cenote Paradise, Mexico.

We are going to share everything you need to know to plan the best visit to Cenote Zacil Ha. From transport, accommodation, things to do and amenities available.

Let’s get started!

Where is Cenote Zacil-Ha ?

Cenote Zacil Ha is a natural gem nestled in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is located approximately 7 kilometers from the historic city of Tulum, renowned for its Mayan ruins.

Easily accessible via the federal highway that connects Tulum and Coba, this stunning cenote is a must-visit destination for travelers exploring the region.

How To Get There

cenote zacil ha

The most convenient option might be to rent a car and drive – it’s a straightforward route along the federal highway towards Coba, and should take approximately 15 minutes.

Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle for a more eco-friendly and adventurous journey, although this will take you about 45 minutes. Taxis are also available in Tulum and are typically very affordable; just make sure to agree on the fare before you set off.

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind a slightly longer journey, colectivos (shared minibusses) run regularly along this route and are an authentic local travel experience.

For reaching Cenote Zacil Ha, our preferred choice is to rent a car. This option provides the flexibility and convenience to explore at your own pace and make spontaneous detours if desired. We highly recommend Discover Cars, a reliable platform that offers a wide range of vehicles to accommodate various budgets and preferences.

Book A Tour with a Local

Booking a tour with a local guide is the best way to visit Cenote Zacil Ha.

Local guides, with their deep understanding of the area’s history and cultural significance. Their extensive knowledge allows them to provide unique insights, uncovering hidden gems and intriguing anecdotes that bring the destination to life.

Things To Do

Things to do in cenote zacil ha tulum

At Cenote Zacil Ha, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy. Swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters, observing the diverse underwater fauna.

Thrill-seekers can jump off the diving platform into the cool water.

For a more relaxed experience, lounge by the water, surrounded by natural beauty. There are sunbeds and hammocks available.

Don’t forget to visit the on-site restaurant for local cuisine and refreshing cocktails with a view of the breathtaking cenote.

Facilities for Visitors

cenote zacil ha opening hours

There are clean restrooms and changing rooms for preparation.

Life jackets and snorkel gear rentals are available for underwater exploration.

Picnic tables and sun loungers provide seating, while the spacious parking lot offers easy car access. Charming cabins are also available for overnight stays.

Opening Hours and Entrance Fee

Cenote Zacil Ha is open to the public from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily, making it a flexible choice for an early morning plunge or a late afternoon swim.

The entrance fee to the cenote is 100 Mexican Pesos (approximately $5 USD) per person. This includes access to the cenote, use of the picnic tables, and sun loungers.

Please remember that the fee for snorkel gear rental and life jackets is separate.

It’s also worth noting that the entrance fee goes towards preserving and maintaining this beautiful natural site for future generations to enjoy.

What To Bring

15 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Any Trip

When planning your trip to Cenote Zacil Ha, here are some items you should consider bringing:

  • Swimwear: Remember to dress appropriately for the activities. A swimsuit is essential for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Towels: Having a towel handy will make drying off and sunbathing more comfortable.
  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun with a biodegradable sunscreen that won’t harm the cenote’s delicate ecosystem.
  • Water Shoes: The ground around the cenote can be rocky and uneven, so it’s a good idea to bring water shoes.
  • Snacks/Water: Bring along some light snacks and plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Camera: Don’t forget your camera to capture the beauty of the cenote and create lasting memories.
  • Cash: Bring some cash for the entrance fee, gear rentals, and possible purchases at the on-site restaurant or cabins.
  • Change of Clothes: It’s always a good idea to have a dry set of clothes for after your swim.

Nearby Attractions in Tulum

Cenote zacil ha

Coba Ruins: Just a short drive from Zacil Ha, the Coba Ruins are a historic Mayan site, featuring the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula. You can climb the pyramid for panoramic jungle views.

Tulum Ruins: These seaside ruins are one of the most picturesque archaeological sites in Mexico. The ancient walled city overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Cenote Calavera: Also known as the ‘Temple of Doom,’ this cenote is popular for its adrenaline-pumping cliff jumps. It’s less crowded than other cenotes and offers a unique experience.

Cenote Dos Ojos: This cenote, known for its clear blue waters and fascinating underwater caverns, is a popular destination for snorkeling and cave diving.

Gran Cenote: As its name suggests, this is one of the largest cenotes in the area. It’s a great spot for families, offering shallow areas for kids, and deeper areas for snorkeling and diving.

Tulum Beach: After exploring the ruins and cenotes, relax on the white, sandy beaches of Tulum. The turquoise waters are perfect for a refreshing swim.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve: A UNESCO World Heritage site, this reserve offers a rich biodiversity with its tropical forests, marshes, and barrier reef. Wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers will find it particularly interesting.

Playa del Carmen: A bit further afield, Playa del Carmen is worth the trip. The city offers beautiful beaches, a vibrant nightlife, and an array of shopping and dining options.

Ultimate Guide For Cenote Calavera Tulum in 2023

Where To Stay

Azulik Tulum: This adults-only hotel is the epitome of luxury. Perfectly blending modern amenities with eco-chic architecture, Azulik Tulum offers sea-view villas, a private beach area, and a wellness center. Savor gourmet cuisine at the hotel’s on-site dining options and experience world-class service during your stay.

Poc Na Tulum: Poc Na Tulum offers a serene and comfortable stay at an affordable price. The hotel features sea-view rooms, a beautiful garden, and an on-site restaurant serving delicious local cuisine. It’s also conveniently located close to Tulum’s main attractions, including the cenotes and ruins.

Hostel Che Tulum: For budget-conscious travelers, Hostel Che Tulum offers the perfect mix of affordability and comfort. The hostel features dormitory-style rooms, a communal kitchen, and a lively social atmosphere. It’s also within walking distance to Tulum’s town center, making it convenient for exploring local shops and restaurants.


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What is a Cenote Zacil Ha?

Cenote Zacil Ha is a natural sinkhole located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It is known for its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush jungle vegetation.

Where is Cenote Zacil Ha located?

Cenote Zacil Ha is located approximately 20 minutes from Tulum, Mexico. It is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

What kind of wildlife can be found in Cenote Zacil Ha?

The cenote is home to various species of fish, turtles, and birds. You may also spot iguanas and other small reptiles in the surrounding areas.

Is swimming allowed in Cenote Zacil Ha?

Yes, swimming is allowed in the cenote. However, for safety reasons, it’s recommended that you wear a life jacket while swimming.

How deep is the water in Cenote Zacil Ha?

The water depth can vary from shallow areas to deeper sections, with the deepest point reaching around 30 feet. It’s always best to exercise caution and swim within your comfort level.

How long does it take to explore Cenote Zacil Ha?

The time it takes to explore the cenote depends on your activities and interests. On average, visitors spend around 2-3 hours at the cenote, but you can easily spend a whole day relaxing and enjoying its beauty.

Is there a fee to enter Cenote Zacil Ha?

Yes, there is an entrance fee for Cenote Zacil Ha. The fee includes access to the cenote and its facilities, such as restrooms and changing rooms.

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