Sorrento to Positano Transport Options (Full Guide in 2023)

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Welcome to Italy!


In this blog post, we will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to get from Sorrento to Positano!


We’ll include some INSIDER tips and tricks!


Let’s get started!

Why you should make the trip

The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful sea region in southern Italy. Both Sorrento and Positano are considered to be among the most beautiful Italian cities.


Sorrento, such a beautiful city, is easily accessible for a day trip. For a full guide on Sorrento, read here. We made a 3-day trip to Positano. However, we did not rent a car in Italy, so we had to take the ferry which was an amazing experience!


Below, you can find out why we chose this option!

sorrento to positano

Overview of Sorrento to Positano

Let’s start with more general information about Sorrento and Positano. They are located around 10 miles (16 kilometers) apart, which would take you only half an hour by private car or 40 minutes by ferry, and even 10 minutes by a high speed ferry (fastest way).



  1. Located on the Bay of Naples in southern Italy,
  2. Known for its landscapes and sea views,
  3. Top attractions include Piazza Tasso, Leonelli’s Beach, and Corso Italia,
  4. Houses the Museo della Tarsia Lignea (Inlaid Wood Museum) and charming historic center lanes,
  5. It serves as a convenient starting point for boat tours to Italy’s Amalfi Coast or the Isle of Capri.
Sorrento with a view on the Vesuvius
Sorrento with a view on the Vesuvius


  1. A cliffside village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast,
  2. A renowned holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes,
  3. Home to the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, featuring a majolica-tiled dome and a 13th-century Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary,
  4. Known for its nightlife and shopping,
  5. Offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sorrento boat

Transportation Options

There are multiple transportation options to reach Positano from Sorrento. Below, we’ll go over the ferry companies, direct bus connections, private boats, and private and rental cars.



The most scenic way to travel to Positano from Sorrento is by booking ferry tickets with ferry companies. Some popular operators that run ferries on this route are Positano Jet, Lucibello, Seremar, Alilauro, etc.


A major advantage of using the ferry service is its accessibility. There are multiple departures every day in the high season (April to October), making it a really quick way to get to the other city as fast as possible.

Ferry from Athens to Mykonos

INSIDER TIP: We recommend that you book a high-speed ferry that only takes 20 minutes to reach Positano from Sorrento. It’s a bit more expensive, but it goes really fast, and you still get to see the Amalfi Coast from your ferry seat.


You can book your tickets here, Omio gives the options for all the tour operators and automatically puts the lowest prices on top. We love using them as they are mobile-friendly and the app is easy to use.

WHY do we prefer the high speed ferry option? 

Going by car or bus means you have to take winding roads in the hills (we prefer not to be car sick) and might be stuck in traffic as Italy is known for its traffic congestion.



Generally, ferries operate more during the peak season, which runs from April to October. You can see the ferry schedule HERE. During this period, you can expect several departures throughout the day, allowing for flexibility in your travel plans. However, always check the latest information, as weather conditions might ruin the day trip.

Ferry ticket


Ferry tickets for a one-way trip from Sorrento to Positano usually range from €15 to €20 PER ADULT, with discounts available for children, seniors, and residents. Keep in mind that ferry tickets for a high speed ferry will be more expensive.


Sorrento ferry TERMINAL

In Sorrento, your day trip will start at the ferry terminal located at Marina Piccola, which can be easily accessed from the town center. It’s a short walk down a series of steps. Once you arrive at the port, you’ll find the ferry companies with their ticket offices, where you can purchase tickets and obtain information on departure times.

Positano view

Private Boat

Renting a boat in Sorrento to go to Positano is the most LUXURY and SPECIAL way to enjoy the beautify of Italy’s coast, including views of Mount Vesuvius. It is an adventurous and scenic way to enjoy the beauty of Italy’s Amalfi Coast.



The cost of renting a boat in Sorrento can vary depending on the type of boat you choose and the duration of your rental. On average, you can expect to pay around $105 per hour. For a FULL DAY, prices may range from $356.19 to $389.59. This might seem expensive, but if you are with a couple of friends, you can split the cost.

renting a boat

If you’re looking to rent a SAILBOAT, it might cost around $925 per day, while a MOTORBOAT could set you back about $885 per day. In Positano, the average cost of renting a boat is around $1,200 per day. Expensive for sure, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Where to Rent:

There are several places where you can rent a boat in Sorrento, but we recommend using Viator.

License and Other Requirements:

As long as you use a small boat with a small engine, you do NO NEED A LICENSE. The organisation will give you a 15-minute explanation and then it’s up to you!

renting a boat

Direct Bus

A direct bus service is another good option if you want to reach Positano from Sorrento.


The journey takes approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions, of course. Keep in mind that the roads along the Amalfi Coast are narrow and winding, so the bus ride can be quite an adventure in itself! Be sure to take some medication for road sickness.


Bus tickets range from €2 to €5 per person for a one-way trip, making it the most cost-effective choice compared to other transportation options.


In Sorrento, the bus terminal is located near the Circumvesuviana train station, making it easily accessible for those arriving by train.


In POSITANO, there are two main bus stops: one at the top of the hill (Chiesa Nuova) and another further down towards the town center (Sponda).

Italy bus

Private Car/renting a car

Having your own car offers several advantages over the other modes of transportation.


Some key benefits include:

Flexibility: Unlike public transportation, having your own car gives you a lot more flexibility.

Car rental in Italy

Comfort and luxury: Private transfers typically offer well-maintained, air-conditioned, and spacious vehicles, ensuring a pleasant and relaxed journey along the Amalfi Coast. Professional drivers are knowledgeable about the local area and can provide valuable insights or recommendations for your trip.


To book a private transfer from Sorrento to Positano, it’s best you use DiscoverCars, which is one of the biggest online platforms in Europe, almost all car companies are featured on their website!

However, there are some practical aspects to consider before choosing to rent a car for this journey:


Driving conditions: The roads along the Amalfi Coast are narrow, winding, and often congested, especially during peak season. Drivers should be confident and experienced in navigating challenging road conditions.


Parking availability: Parking spaces in Sorrento, Positano, and other towns along the coast can be limited and expensive. It’s essential to factor in parking fees and the potential difficulty of finding a spot when planning your trip.


Potential challenges: In addition to driving conditions and parking, be prepared for potential challenges such as steep hills, tight turns, and local driving customs, which may differ from what you’re used to.

Sorrento Taxi

Choosing the right option

It’s always difficult to choose the right option. If you have gotten this far, you know that we prefer to book a high speed ferry to get us from Sorrento to Positano.


If you are still unsure about the choice, look at our recommendations below.

Cost: Even though the bus ride might be cheaper than a ferry, you still have to pass the winding roads in the hills which can make you roadsick. Ferries on the other hand, are not like normal boats that feel every wave and can make you seasick. These ferries are built to be stable.

Sorrento car rental

Travel time: Evaluate the time you have available for your trip and take into account the duration of each transport option. Ferries and private transfers often offer faster travel times compared to buses, but schedules and traffic conditions can influence overall journey time.


Desired experience: Think about the type of travel experience you’re seeking. If you enjoy scenic views and a relaxed atmosphere, a ferry ride might be ideal. For those who prefer a budget-friendly option and don’t mind navigating public transportation, buses could be suitable. Alternatively, if you value flexibility, convenience, and personalised service, a private transfer or car rental may be the best choice.

Positano View


To conclude, getting from Sorrento to Positano may seem adventurous at first, but it’s actually quite simple with a variety of transportation options available.


Whether you choose to take a ferry, a bus, or the car, you’ll get to experience the beauty of southern Italy as you make your way to the beautiful city of Positano.


Don’t forget to take in the stunning views of the Amalfi Coast along the way!


Let us know in the comments how your experience was!

Beach in Sorrento


Plan your trip to Italy



How far is Sorrento from Positano?

Sorrento and Positano are approximately 16 kilometers (10 miles) apart along the Amalfi Coast. By car it will take you around 33 minutes to get there, as you have to drive between hills. By ferry, it will take you around 40 minutes to reach Sorrento.


Are there ferries available from Sorrento to Positano?

Yes, there are regular ferry services operating between Sorrento and Positano, offering a scenic and convenient option.


How long does the ferry ride take from Sorrento to Positano?

The ferry ride typically takes around 30 minutes, but the duration may vary depending on sea conditions.


Can I take a bus from Sorrento to Positano?

Yes, there are bus services available connecting Sorrento and Positano, providing an affordable transportation option.


How much does a bus ticket from Sorrento to Positano cost?

The bus ticket prices can vary, but on average, expect to pay around €2-€3 for a one-way journey.


Can I rent a car to travel from Sorrento to Positano?

Yes, renting a car is an option, allowing you to have more flexibility and independence during your journey.


What is the driving time from Sorrento to Positano?

The driving time can range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions and the route taken.


Are there any private transfer services available between Sorrento and Positano?

Yes, private transfer services like taxis or car services are available, providing convenience and personalised transportation.


How much does a private transfer from Sorrento to Positano cost?

The cost of a private transfer can vary depending on the service provider and the type of vehicle chosen. Prices start around €50-€80.


Are there any parking facilities in Positano?

Yes, there are parking lots available in Positano, but they can be limited and expensive. It’s advisable to check in advance.


Are there any alternative transportation options from Sorrento to Positano?

Yes, you can also consider hiring a scooter or taking a taxi for a unique and convenient travel experience.


Are there any seasonal variations in ferry or bus schedules?

Yes, ferry and bus schedules may vary based on the season, so it’s recommended to check for the most up-to-date information.


Can I combine different modes of transport for my journey?

Absolutely! You can mix and match ferry, bus, or private transfers to create a personalised itinerary that suits your needs.


Is it necessary to book ferry or bus tickets in advance?

While it’s not always necessary, it’s recommended to book your tickets in advance during peak travel seasons to secure your spot.

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