COMPLETE Adamas Milos Travel Guide (2023)

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Are you wondering what there is to do and see in Adamas Milos?

Welcome to the full guide to Adamas Milos! We’ll cover all the best things to do, the best places to stay, nearby attractions and so much more!

Let’s get started!

Where is Milos Adamas?

Adamas Greece, also known as Adamantas, is located on Milos island, which is part of the Cyclades group in Greece.


Adamas is located on the northeast side of Milos Bay and lies 5 km away from Plaka, the capital town of Milos.


Adamas is the LARGEST town on the island and is the location of the Milos port through which you will likely arrive at the Greek island!


Being the largest town on the Greek island does not interfere with the lovely small paved streets you can get lost in. The whole city is quite FLAT, making it easily accessible on foot.


Based on our to-do list below, you can see that Adamas is certainly worth at least a day trip but if you want to see the beaches and take some of the hikes that begin here, it’s possible to keep yourself fully occupied in Adamas for two days.


Read below what type of city Adamas is!

Adamas Milos
The city Adamas

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The Layout of Milos Adamas

Milos Adamantas
Make sure to check out the COUNTLESS small bays in Milos!

Right as you leave from the ferry, you’ll be in the port area. This busy region is lined with cafes, restaurants, and travel agencies. It’s also where you’ll find car, ATV, and bike rental agencies.


Stretching along the waterfront from the port is Adamas’s main street. This area is particularly vibrant, especially in the evenings, and offers a range of cafes, restaurants, bars, and small shops.


Moving slightly inland from the port area, you’ll come across the central square of Adamas. It’s a hub of activity, surrounded by (yes, you guessed it), more cafes, restaurants, and some local shops.

Milos Adamas
Definitely visit Sarakiniko Beach!

The Church of Agia Triada is located just a short walk northeast of the central square. It’s roughly a 2-3 minute walk away.


As you move towards the northeastern edge of the town from the square, you should be able to spot the church’s distinct architecture and bell tower.


Read below for our TOP to-do list!

What to Do in and Around Adamas, Milos

Let’s start with the BEST Adamas Milos offers – its beaches!


1) Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is the most famous beach on the island. It’s situated on the north shore of the island, 1.2 km from Adamas. You can walk but it’s along the road which has no shoulder, but the bus only takes 15 minutes.


The beach is known for its landscape. You can see volcanic rocks and sand that cover the entire beach.


The effect of this stark white landscape against the blue of the Aegean Sea creates an amazing contrast. This unusual landscape has led to Sarakiniko Beach being described as the “white beach” of Milos.


The shape of the beach is actually created by waves that are driven by north winds. These winds have carved the greyish-white volcanic rock into smooth, curved shapes.

Sarakiniko Beach

This lunar-like landscape, combined with the azure waters, makes Sarakiniko Beach a photographer’s dream, and it’s often said to be the most Instagrammed beach in Greece.


Despite its popularity, there are no facilities at Sarakiniko, so we advise you to bring water, snacks, and sun protection.


The beach can get quite busy during the summer. That is why we recommend visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon for a more relaxed experience.


It is only a short walking distance from the main ferry port to the beach.


2) Papikinou Beach

Papikinou Beach

Close to the Milos port, you will find Papikinou Beach.


It’s one of the three Adamas beaches, alongside Sarakiniko Beach and Lagada Beach, and it stretches for about 500 meters starting from the southern end of the village.


Papikinou Beach is situated within the Bay of Milos and is only a short walking distance from the port of Adamas, making it one of the most popular beaches on the island.

Adamas Milos
Adamas Milos

The beach is mostly known for its relaxed atmosphere and calm waters, even on windy days. This makes it perfect for swimming as the waves and the current as not as much of a danger.


However, it can get crowded during the high season.


The beach is pebbly, and there are several beach bars where visitors can rent parasols and sunbeds. Its location along the coastline of Milos makes it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a view of the Greek Islands.


3) Lagada Beach

Beach in Milos Adamas

Lagada Beach is renowned for its more relaxed vibe than the other two beaches.


The Adamas beach is within walking distance from the main port and the town of Adamas, making it easily accessible. It is located in the very center of the settlement, next to the port.


Lagada Beach offers gorgeous views. The beach is ideal for spending a beach day, especially for families with young children.


Right before the beach, there’s the Lagada Beach Hotel, which offers rooms with a view of the sea. The hotel also features a seawater swimming pool.


Let’s move on to other worthy spots for a visit! 


4) Catamaran Tour

Catamaran tour in Milos

Catamaran tours departing from Milos Adamas offer an opportunity to explore the beautiful coastline and beaches of Milos Island.


These tours often include sailing across traditional fishing villages, snorkeling around the old pirate Kleftiko Bay, and visiting parts of Milos that are inaccessible by foot.


Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

What it is

A catamaran tour is a boat tour taken on a catamaran, a type of multi-hulled watercraft. These tours typically last for a half-day trips or day trips, offering a unique way to sightsee and explore the natural beauty of Milos.

Catamaran tour in Milos Adamas
Catamaran tour in Milos Adamas

What you will see

Depending on the specific tour, you could sail past traditional fishing villages like Skinopi, Klima Areti, and Fourkovouni.

Some tours include a visit to the nearby island of Poliegos, making it a perfect activity for some island hopping.

How much it costs

A boat tour like this costs around 150 dollars for a half-day tour.

Another option is to rent a boat to visit one of the many sea caves that Milos harbors. Trust us, it does not get better than swimming in Sea caves in Greece.


5) Adamas Port Milos

Adamas Port Milos

Adamas is the main port of Milos island which is part of the Greek islands. Although the capital of Milos is Plaka, Adamas is the busiest port and the cultural center of Milos.


The port is a busy town with lots of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops (see below for our restaurant recommendations).


People traveling to Milos by ferry will arrive at Adamas port town. Also, when you take one of the many boat tours Milos offers, you will leave from the Adamas port.


Adamas Port provides services like free Wi-Fi connection for its visitors. The building of the Milos Port Authority is located near the National Bank.

6) Milos Mining Museum

Milos Mining Museum

It is time to enjoy a cultural activity: the Milos Mining Museum. The museum was established in 1998 and is dedicated to the mining history of Milos.


The island is known for the many minerals it has in the ground such as obsidian, sulfur, and alum. The museum presents the historical, social, and economic significance of mining activity on the island.


It houses a collection of minerals and rocks from Milos and other areas of Greece.


The museum also exhibits tools, instruments, and machinery used in mining back in the old days. The photographs and documents related to the mining industry really make you go back in time.

Milos Mining Museum

The Milos Mining Museum also organizes educational programs and guided tours, as well as geological walks around the island.


These activities aim to educate visitors about the geological wealth of Milos and the importance of mining to the island’s economy and history.


It’s located in Adamas along the waterfront.


7) Holy Trinity

Church of Holy trinity

On your first Adamas Milos visit you must see the Holy Trinity Church (holy orthodox church) also known as Agia Triada.


It has significant historical value and stands close to the waterfront in Adamas. We have been told that this church is over 1,000 YEARS OLD, which makes it one of the oldest churches on the island.


The church is mostly known for its architectural and sculptural details, which suggest that it was built during the Byzantine period.


The church is only 50 meters away from the Adamas port (perfect for a short walking distance) and is also referred to as Panagia Theofani.


The Church of the Holy Trinity houses the Ecclesiastical Museum (a religious museum) of Milos. The museum includes a large part of the ecclesiastical museum art of Milos, providing visitors with an insight into the island’s religious history.


8) Adamas Lighthouse

Walk up to the Lighthouse
Walk up to the Lighthouse

The Adamas Lighthouse is a landmark above the port town of Adamas Milos.


This lighthouse was built in 1892 and has been guiding ships and boats since then. It stands at the entrance of the port of Adamas, offering a picturesque view against the backdrop of the beautiful sea.


The lighthouse itself is a whitewashed structure standing on a stone base, with beautiful Cycladic architecture. The lighthouse’s light can be seen from a maximum of 7 miles away.


The area surrounding the lighthouse offers stunning views of the harbor and the town of Adamas. The walk up to the lighthouse is often described as peaceful, with the path lined by rocks and local vegetation.


The lighthouse itself is not open for public tours, but you can walk around the area and enjoy the panoramic views (it is worth it!).


9) Maritime Museum of Milos Adamas

Milos Adamas

The Maritime Museum is dedicated to showcasing the island’s maritime history.


The museum houses a collection of artifacts related to maritime history, including historic naval instruments and other nautical items.


The museum is easily accessible on foot.


10) Nightlife

Nighlife in Adamantas

There are several bars and clubs in Adamas. Bars like Akri offer beautiful views of the port and the sea beyond, making it a popular spot for evening drinks.


Other amazing places include the Deep Blue Beach Bar and Cactus Café Bar.

Plori Club

For those looking for a more active nightlife experience, the Plori Club in Adamas is known to host parties until late at night (we’ve been there so we know).

Variety of Experiences

The nightlife in Adamas is perfect for couples looking for a night out and for a group seeking a fun-filled evening.



Ferry in Milos Adamas

There are only 2 options to reach Adamas: By AIR or by SEA.



Touch down at Milos Airport (MLO), which is just 4 km (!) away from Adamas at the Greek Island. From the airport, you can hop onto a bus or grab a taxi to reach Milos Adamas in a few minutes.

You can also go around the island with an ATV rental, Milos is full of exciting hard-to-access coves and beaches that are perfect for an ATV rental.



Adamas Milos serves as a significant port for ferries traveling within the Cycladic islands and to the mainland of of Greece.

The most popular ferry routes to Milos are from Athens (Piraeus port), Santorini, and Mykonos. However, the ferry Paros-Milos trip is also worth mentioning!


Ferry Operators

There are several ferry companies operating these routes, including the famous Aegean Speed Lines, Aegeon Pelagos, Blue Star Ferries, Sea Speed Ferries, Seajets, and Zante Ferries.


Currently, 7 ferry operators provide services to and from the island of Milos. You can book your tickets for all these ferry companies at Ferry Hopper.


The travel duration varies depending on the route and the type of ferry. For instance, you can get to Milos from Athens in around 3 hours with a high-speed ferry.


There are daily ferries to Adamas Greece all year round from the port of Athens.


Local Buses

To get around Milos, you can take advantage of the efficient local bus system.


The bus station in Adamas is situated to the north of the port. After disembarking from the ferry, if you head straight and slightly to the left, you should find the bus station in approximately a 5-7 minute walk.


The bus station isn’t too far from the waterfront, making it relatively easy to locate, especially if you follow signs or ask locals.


Best Time to Visit

Adamas Milos

There are 2 times during the year when you could visit Adamas Milos and one period we do not recommend.



Spring and Fall: The Perfect Balance

Spring and Fall are, without a doubt, the ideal times to visit Adamas Milos. Mild weather, without the scorching heat of summer, sounds like the perfect combo to me!


Shoulder Season: A Sweet Spot

May and September are considered the shoulder seasons in Adamas Milos. The weather is still delightful, but it’s not as hot as in the peak summer months.


Even better: The island is less crowded, allowing you to enjoy its beauty at a more leisurely pace.


Peak Summer: DON’T GO

July and August are the hottest months and also the high season in Adamas Milos. This period brings a buzz to the island, with (too) busy restaurants, cafes, and shops adding to the busy vibe.


Everything is also more expensive, which is why we do not recommend the peak season.


Where to Stay at Adamas Milos

Olea Bay Hotel
Olea Bay Hotel

Below, we list our recommended places to stay in Adamas Milos.


We love using for hotels. Their website is easy to use, you immediately know when you have to pay (we always pay at the accommodation itself, never in advance), and sometimes you’ll even get breakfast FOR FREE!

Luxury Accommodations

Olea Bay Hotel: Luxury at its best. Olea Bay Hotel offers a wonderful stay with rave reviews. Its beautifully designed rooms and amazing amenities are sure to make your vacation unforgettable.


Mid-Budget Accommodations

Hotel Milos Sea Resort: Offering a delightful blend of comfort and style, Hotel Milos Sea Resort is a fantastic mid-budget choice.


Budget Accommodations

Joannes Vacation Rooms: For those traveling on a budget, Joannes Vacation Rooms offer comfort and value.



Below, we made a list of the TOP RESTAURANTS Milos we recommend if you want something to eat in Adamas:

  • Elia Restaurant: Known for its warm ambiance and delicious cuisine.
  • Aggeliki: With its reputation for serving up some of the best food in Adamas, Aggeliki is an excellent choice.
  • Let’s Meat: As the name suggests, this restaurant is a carnivore’s paradise.
  • Flisvos: Offering a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary dishes, Flisvos is a gastronomic delight.
  • New Malion: A favorite among locals and tourists alike, New Malion serves up a variety of delectable dishes.

Continue planning your trip to Greece:

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Can I go hiking around Adamas?
Yes, you can definitely go hiking around Adamas. The town offers a variety of hiking trails that allow you to explore its stunning landscapes. One such trail is the “Adamantas Walk at the Port” which is a 0.7-mile out-and-back trail and is considered an easy route. For those seeking a more adventurous hike, there’s a path to Kleftiko Bay, which is typically reached by boat.


Are there any scenic viewpoints near Adamas?
Indeed, there are multiple trails leading to breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. For instance, the trail to Kleftiko Bay offers spectacular views of this iconic bay.


Can I rent a bike or car in Adamas?
Yes, there are numerous rental services in Adamas Greece offering both bikes and cars. This makes it convenient for visitors to explore the town and the more oversized island of Milos at their own pace.


Is Adamas a good base for exploring Milos?
Absolutely! Adamas is the main port town of Milos and is well-connected to other parts of the island. Its central location and range of accommodations make it an ideal base for exploring the rest of Milos.

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