Isla Mujeres in 2023 (Definitive Guide)

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Welcome to Isla Mujeres, Mexico!


This beautiful island off the coast of Cancun (Mexico) is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.


In this article, we will list all the things you NEED to know to plan the best trip to Isla Mujeres.


Let’s get STARTED!


Isla Mujeres lies just off the coast of Cancun, one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations.


The island is very small, only about 8 KM LONG. Although don’t be underwhelmed by the size, there are plenty of things to do on Isla Mujeres.


And the best part.


Isla Mujeres is home to “THE CLIFF OFF DAWN”, known to be the easternmost point in Mexico!


Things To Do

Isla Mujeres Sign

There are SO MANY different things to do in Isla Mujeres that we have dedicated a whole blog post covering all the possibilities, check it out HERE!

Transport Options

By Ferry

First of all, it would be interesting to be on the island before thinking of ways to get around the island.


Isla Mujeres is accessible by ferry from Cancun (which is probably the airport you’ll be flying to). To get from the airport to the ferry, we recommend booking with CARM Tours. They are a local transportation agency offering the best prices. You can book a trip here.


We recommend using Ultramar Ferry. Their departures are from Cancun Puerto Juárez, they offer services not only to Isla Mujeres but also Cozumel.


The price of your ticket depends on the type of package you choose (one-way or round-trip), prices can range from 15$ to 20$.


And the best part, is they have ferries EVERY 30 MINUTES so you don’t have to worry about being on time or planning ahead!


To get around Isla Mujeres, there are THREE OPTIONS we recommend.

Ferry in Isla Mujeres

1) By Bicycle

Feeling adventurous? Why not rent a bicycle and pedal your way to Punta Sur? It’s not only a great workout but also the most sustainable option.


Many hotels offer bike rental services, another alternative would be to rent directly from a bicycle rental store.


2) By Golf Cart

Golf Cart Rentals Isla Mujeres
Prisma Golf Cart Rentals


Yes, you read that right!


One of the MOST POPULAR and exciting ways to get around Isla Mujeres is by renting a golf cart.


Imagine how much freedom you get to explore at YOUR OWN PACE! It’s the perfect way to admire the landscapes while driving around.


Plus, it’s SUPER EASY to park and completely free!


We rented a golf cart at Prisma Golf Cart Rentals and it cost us 65$ for a day rental.


3) By Taxi

Prefer to sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving?


There are MANY taxis on Isla Mujeres and they are affordable, BUT the total cost depends completely on where you are coming from on the island.


Best time to visit Isla Mujeres

Thankfully, the tropical climate of the island makes it an all-year-round destination, although during some periods you cold experience rainfall or PEAK TOURIST SEASON.


PEAK SEASON is from January to April, during these months there is no rain so the weather will not disappoint you BUT beware of crowds.


If you don’t mind a little bit of rainfall, we would recommend going between June and September. Going during these months will increase your chances of swimming with whale sharks!


Low season in Isla Mujeres is in September and October as they are considered the hurricane months. This is the best time for discovering the island with fewer tourists and cheaper hotel prices.


Where To Stay in Isla Mujeres

Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets - Adults Only - All Inclusive
Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets – Adults Only – All Inclusive



Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets – Adults Only – All Inclusive: Situated in the heart of Isla Mujeres, this hotel is one of the most ones on the island. Guests can enjoy a range of amenities including pools, spa services and an on-site restaurant. And the best part is the rooms have the most AMAZING views of the Caribbean Sea.


Mid Budget


Hotel La Joya Isla Mujeres: Situated near the beach, this hotel provides comfortable and affordable rooms with views of the Caribbean Sea. It offers on-site bar and restaurant services as well as free Wi-Fi in all areas.




Selina Poc Na Isla Mujeres: This hotel is located in the heart of Isla Mujeres. It offers comfortable and modern rooms with great views of the Caribbean Sea. It also provides free Wi-Fi throughout the property, an outdoor swimming pool, and a terrace bar where guests can enjoy a drink or two!

What is special about Selina, is the community they have for travellers and digital nomads. You have co-working spaces available and you can meet a lot of like-minded people that could build into friendships.


Our FAVOURITE way to find the best hotel deals when traveling is through! They have so many different options from budget to luxury and they offer really good deals.



Lola Valentina Isla Mujeres
Lola Valentina

We made a list of our personal favourite restaurants in Isla Mujeres:


  • Lola Valentina: This was our go-to breakfast spot, they have a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a lot of Mexican dishes with a modern twist. We thought it was really fun sitting on their indoor swings around the bar area!


  • La Lomita: Undoubtedly one of Isla’s most popular restaurants, serving Mexican tapas and traditional dishes. The beachfront location is spectacular!


  • Amazona Beach Bar by Mar-Bella: The menu is filled with Caribbean dishes and they also have amazing cocktails. We love the beachfront location, the vibe is great and they have a swing in the sea so you can take a nice photo while enjoying a few drinks.

Final Tips and Tricks!

Bring a water bottle: Isla Mujeres is a tropical island, it’s important to stay hydrated!


Don’t forget your sunscreen: Remember to check your sunscreen is REEF-SAFE. As a tourist, it is important to respect and protect nature around you.


Always carry cash: In bigger establishments, you have the option to pay by card BUT a lot of places where you will be exploring have a lot of small businesses and vendors that don’t have card machines, so cash is king!



It’s a wrap!


This is everything we know about Isla Mujeres, hopefully you were able to plan out your itinerary with our guide.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment!


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